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PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR EVENT IS NOT FULLY BOOKED UNTIL OUR CONTRACT IS SIGNED EVEN THOUGH DEPOSIT OR FULL PAYMENT WAS MADE ON THE PHONE OR ONLINE. You will be forwarded to a secure payment gateway. You do not need a Paypal account to make a payment via their gateway. Client agrees to pay, a NON-REFUNDABLE RETAINER if agreed upon booking with A2Z of New York Inc . Please note that you as client authorize A2Z of New York Inc. (also stated as the “merchant”) to process credit card transactions These transactions will be processed via telephone orders or in person. You as a client AGREE TO A NON REFUNDABLE CHARGE TO YOUR CARD TO SECURE THE TIME AND DATE OF THE EVENT OR PAY IN FULL FOR SERVICES PROVIDED By reading this you agree to abide by terms and conditions of A2Z of New York Inc prices and under no circumstances request a refund/ chargeback on the card listed above without receiving prior written authorization from A2Z of New York Inc. PLEASE NOTE: IT IS YOUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY, AS THE CUSTOMER, TO ENSURE THAT THE ENTERTAINMENT BOOKED WITH A2Z OF NEW YORK INC. MEETS THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE VENUE/RESTAURANT/CATERING HALL. THIS INCLUDES OBTAINING PERMISSION FROM THE VENUE/RESTAURANT/CATERING HALL FOR THE TYPE OF ENTERTAINMENT YOU ARE BOOKING, AS WELL AS THE TIME AND DURATION OF THE BOOKED ENTERTAINMENT. IF A LIMITATION IS PLACED ON THE ENTERTAINMENT DURING YOUR EVENT, PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT A2Z OF NEW YORK INC. IS NOT RESPONSIBLE, AS IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CUSTOMER TO CONTACT THE VENUE/RESTAURANT/CATERING HALL PRIOR TO THE EVENT FOR CONFIRMATION AND PERMISSION. In the event the Performer assigned to this Event is unable to perform due to illness, accident, equipment failure or otherwise, A2Z of New York Inc. shall use its best efforts to find a replacement performer, equipment. If A2Z on New York Inc. is unable to locate a replacement performer or replacement equipment, Client’s Retainer/Deposit shall be refunded within thirty (30) days after the Event Date. The parties agree that refund of its Retainer shall be Client’s sole and exclusive remedy in either law or in equity for A2Z of New York INC. Please note that as the customer, it is your responsibility to inform us if there are any changes made to your party. This includes any cancellations. Please do not inform us via e-mail. It is important to speak with someone directly and obtain acknowledgement that we received the cancellation.

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