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Kids Party Rental

Whether you are planning a children’s party or wedding reception, Party Rentals New York provides a variety of entertainment services. Party planning professionals can assist with decorations, photography, and catering. Learn more about party rentals NY to discover how A2Z Party can assist you with all your entertainment needs.

Birthday Parties

A party rental is an excellent way to celebrate your child’s birthday. Puppet shows are a popular attraction for younger audiences. Magicians provide hours of entertainment using cards tricks and optical illusions. A circus themed party entertain children with juggling acts, clowns, and petting zoos. Party rentals Brooklyn packages include decorations and party favors. Parents can choose a customized birthday cake for your child’s special day.


Whether you are hosting a bridal or baby shower, party rentals New York accommodate large guest lists. Party rentals NYC provide an intimate setting for showers. Popular catering ideas for showers include elegant tea parties, exotic appetizers, and professional dining service. Party rentals can often be decorated for your special occasion. Event planners can also provide fun party favors and shower games to entertain guests.

Wedding Receptions

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable occasions of your life. A professional party rental is a great way to celebrate your wedding day with family and friends. Couples can arrive at their wedding reception in a luxurious limousine. Dance floors can be customized to accommodate large receptions. Hiring a professional DJ for your wedding reception creates an exciting and fun atmosphere. Professional party planners can provide a variety of catering options for appetizers and meals. A2Z Party can also help couples find the perfect wedding cake.

Business Events

Party rentals NYC are ideal locations for business meetings and company parties. Renting a professional meeting room will make a great first impression with new clients. Hosting corporate parties is an excellent way to boost morale and discuss ways to improve employee performance. Professional rentals can provide visual and audio communications to conduct large presentations. Event planners can also provide decorations and catering for your business event.

Party rentals Brooklyn is one of the best ways to celebrate a special occasion. Birthday packages include entertainment and catering. Party rentals NY are an excellent option for large bridal and baby showers. Wedding receptions often require large spaces for dancing and fine dining. Professional rentals are also ideal for corporate meetings and parties. Contact A2Z Party today to plan your next big event.

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