Wedding Reception Cigar Bar w/ Cigar Rollers & Cigar Girls

Are you looking for a unique Wedding reception activity for your guests? A Cigar Bar with Cigar Rollers & Cigar Girls are the perfect fun and sophisticated addition on your special day. Call the Cigar Bar and Wedding Reception specialists at A2Z PARTY today!


How about a Cigar Bar at Your Wedding?

Treat your guests to a unique wedding reception activity that many of your guests will definitely enjoy. The cigar bar wedding amenity is the perfect fun and sophisticated experience for guests that enjoy smoking, an in addition to social drinking.

A Cigar- Bar Wedding Creates A Friendly Atmosphere

Consider hiring a tobacconist (or a cigar-friendly bartender) to guide your guests through their There are a lot folks who may be timid around cigars initially, but would actually really like try one, especially in the company of others during the fun and excitement of a wedding reception.

Educate Your Guests

Whether you’re a cigar enthusiast or a total novice, a cigar bar is a great way to add some flair to your reception. “It offers many guests a chance to try something new and get outside of their comfort zone,”. “And, for those folks who’ve enjoyed cigars in the past, it’s an even more attractive addition.”

Hostesses/Host – Cigar Girl / Guy

The modern image of cigarette girl developed in the 1920s with the urbanization of America.[1] Though largely not seen other than in speakeasies and supper clubs,[1] cigarettes girls were frequently shown in Hollywood films and soon became well-established among the general public. The cigarette girl of the nightclub became a staple figure of film and theater.

The Cigar Girl is now mostly a romantic curiosity, although there is an enduring demand for the services.

Her job was more than just selling tobacco products; she became part of the ambiance, mixing among the patrons while adding a touch of class and full-service. The cigar girl relied on her charm, quick wit, and a flirtatious manner to catch the attentions of businessmen, who would tip graciously for the pleasure of speaking with such a beautiful young woman. She is often described as having been the “life of the party”. – Wikipedia

We are the Tri-State provider of the modern Cigar Girl or Cigar Guy experience; entertaining hostess and hosts for private parties,  weddings and corporate events and, and an attraction for organizers seeking to add a touch of old-school sophistication to their event.


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Why rely on two-or-three different event attraction and equipment New York Party Planners and for your event equipment and entertainment… when A2Z PARTY is the proven elite and complete Tri-State top-quality entertainment and equipment partner.

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