Glitter Body Art

Glitter Body Art is a fun and friendly option for every event. Our most cost-effective option is Stencils and Glitter – popular at kids parties and youth events. We offer a wide choice of  interesting to amazing stencil designs made for your favorite themes, holidays and occasions. Our Glitter Body Artists use stencils and glitter and colorful patterns that are sure to brand and brighten any event. Great for holidays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and youth activities or church ceremonies.

Save money and make memories with a variety of friendly and talented Glitter Body Art Tattoo Artists that are suitable for all types of events from backyard parties, school functions and corporate events – to corporate events, photo shoots and public shows or television.

Please see our Glitter Body Art Gallery below (click any image to scroll).

Don’t forget to view our Glitter Body Art videos below, and visit us on YouTube.

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Glow in the Dark Body Art

Take your event to the next-level with World Class Body Glitter and Glow Painting Artists for exclusive or unique events.


Body Painting by Athena

Body Art and Special Effects

Imagine the shock when this Cyborg crashes your event or party! Body Painting and Special Effects with Performers – nearly anything is possible.

Body Painting and Special Effects

Body Painting and Special Effects by Athena

Glow in the Dark Body Art

Body Painting by A2Z PARTY & Athena

Body Painting by Athena

Glow in the Dark Body Art

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