Exotic Animal Show

Our Exotic Animal Show is a safe fun petting zoo experience, and a performance for everyone that loves animals. Learning about the animals is more than just kids entertainment, it’s educational. The themed-performance will entertain your guests over the course of a one-hour program.  The animals are exhibited to the guests individually, and guests are allowed to interact safely with the animals under supervision if the professional handler.

Petting Zoo and Exotic Animal Show

Snakes! In fact we bring three different snakes. Next, we exhibit two different types of Lizards, followed by a small Turtle and then a larger African Tortoise. The show also includes friendly Birds, usually a Dove and a Duck.  We also include everyone’s favorite small furry creatures, a Rabbit and a Chinchilla. The show ends with guests meeting a Tarantula, and then a surprise at the end that will delight people of all ages.

Exact species of each type of animal may differ from program to program.

Please see our Exotic Animal Shows Gallery below (click any image to scroll).

Don’t forget to view our Exotic Animal Shows videos below, and visit us on YouTube.

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Exotic Animal Shows for Birthday Party

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