Cryo Entertainment for Kids & Adults

Our Educational Cryo Experience is a show featuring preparation of Unique Cryo Desserts. The presentation not only looks spectacular but demonstrates the laws of physics and chemistry.

It’s not just cold, it’s COOL!

– Semi-Frozen Ice Sphere
– Fresh Fruit Sherbet & Popsicles
– Nitro Puffs
– Fruits: Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana, Pineapple, Mango, Kiwi, and more.
– Frozen desserts with alcohol for adults.

Unusual Desserts for Kids & Adults

Every serving served at an event is individually made to order. Our unique sorbets and desserts are prepared from the highest-quality natural fruit and juices, infused with Liquid Nitrogen.

The result is instantly frozen treats with a unique taste and texture.

Specialties for Adults

Nitrogen-infused Edible Cocktails with Alcohol.



Fully Licensed and Insured

Food handlers are fully licensed and insured and certified to prepare food with Liquid Nitrogen.

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Edible Entertainment at Newark Musuem

212 CRYO Show – Edible Entertainment

CRYO Edible Entertainment

CRYO Show and edible entertainment at the awesome CHILL party venue. Kids are enjoying unique desserts made with Liquid Nitrogen, and learning too.


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